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Playing With Dynamic Geometry

This book, published in 2010, is a summary of some of the classic plane curves of historical mathematics, including the underlying equations, metrics, and formulas.  What makes it unique is that for each curve treated in the text, many different geometric constructions are presented that would allow a reader to reconstruct the curve using Geometer’s Sketchpad® software and watch it being drawn on his/her computer.  Each curve is illustrated with graphic and artistic images.
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Mystery of the SOR

Generally, the classic algebraic curves that have been handed down to us through the centuries have been thoroughly studied.  My paper, “The Mystery of the SOR [Solid of Revolution]” deals with the possibility that one such curve in particular may still yield new knowledge
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The Anti-Phonetic Alphabet

This little paper has nothing to do with mathematics, but is the amusing result of my attempt to formulate a phonetic alphabet that is designed to confuse, rather than clarify.
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